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Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) are becoming an increasingly popular way to manage your finances. But what are they? And how can a financial advisor help you set one up and make the most of it?

An SMSF is a way for you to have more control of your retirement savings. You can choose your own investments, and because you’re in charge, you can make changes whenever you want. With a SMSF, you can choose how your money is invested, which gives you the flexibility to tailor your investment portfolio to match your specific needs and goals. Your decisions and actions affect the fund’s performance, as well as its compliance with tax law.

The uptake of people who have a self managed super fund has been increasing in Australia. Currently, there are roughly 600,000 self managed super funds in Australia with over $822 billion in investments. On average, each self managed super fund invests over $1,300,000 within their fund.


What is an SMSF?

An SMSF is a trust created with one goal in mind: ensuring that its members are provided for when they reach retirement. As part of this, the trustee takes on responsibility to make sure assets are held securely and prudently so those involved can enjoy their golden years. That’s why it pays to be aware of what your rights as an SMSF beneficiary might entail.

What are the benefits of an SMSF?

When you manage your own super fund, it opens a world of possibilities. From investing in vintage cars, to property, shares, artwork, term deposits and many other options. Not to mention that when done well an SMSF can perform better than industry and retail funds – giving you back more into retirement so that you have more options in your golden years.

What’s more – as the master of this financial ship – YOU get control over exactly where each dollar is invested according to YOUR unique goals and risk aversion strategy. The advantage of an SMSF include:

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Clients talking to an SMSF advisor

The Trade Offs

Being in control of an SMSF is a responsibility. From ensuring compliance with the legal requirements to making investment decisions. It means being dedicated to ensuring sustainable growth for both yourself and other members within the superfund. If this sounds like something outside your know-how, you can outsource investment decisions. This is where SMSF investors and SMSF specialists, as such our team can assist.

It’s crucial that trustees are well informed; from understanding various markets, managing assets correctly through legislation & rules, familiarising themselves with relevant tax laws – these all need consideration to avoid penalties from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

What are your obligations?

As a trustee of your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF), you have important legal duties to uphold. Whether or not you get advice from an SMSF expert, the ultimate responsibility for upholding all relevant obligations lies with yourself. You must actively ensure that every decision made on behalf of the fund’s members – including yourself – is in accordance with Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 at all times.

SMSF Financial Advisors from Sunshine Coast

Your Superannuation Investments Strategy ​​

Having your own SMSF is a great way to plan for retirement, and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has strict guidelines you must adhere to. When it comes to creating an investment strategy, there are several factors that should be taken into account:

To ensure your SMSF achieves it’s goals of providing funds in retirement, it is a requirement to develop an investment strategy in writing which reflects the specific goals of you and those involved with your fund. Keeping it up to date via regular reviews – particularly when changes occur such as new regulatory developments or members joining/leaving the fund.

Fund Objectives

Developing the right objectives for your SMSF is key to successful investment. By thinking through and creating consensus among members on what's important, you can tailor investment strategies towards achieving these goals.

Investment Diversity

While focusing on targets is crucial, diversifying assets within your fund is also paramount - by allocating investments in multiple areas like shares, properties (at home or around the world), hybrids and cash it reduces exposure across the portfolio so that one under-performing asset won't affect overall performance of your superfund too drastically.

Asset Liquidity

When considering your SMSF investment strategy, asset liquidity is paramount. Make sure you have enough liquid assets to cover all potential expenses and liabilities since this will be money well spent.


Additionally think about insurance for the fund's members; it could prove invaluable in times of need. Record the policy within your strategy and get advice from experts - then make an informed decision that gives everyone peace of mind.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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We feel we are in good hands


You have this year given us a lot of help ( So far Gratus) and made us look at things we didnt really want to think about- like where to next and how do we set ourselves up for the future.Very importantly you have put Sandra who didnt know you at all, at ease very quickly . Your calm ,experience and professionalism shows through, and we feel we are in good hands.

Although the plan is implemented we haven't yet sold the rental house but it is on the market. Once that is sold as discussed we will make a time to meet you in the new year, to get you to roll out a blue print for us to follow over the next few years ( a payday for you at last).
Thanks again

Tony & Sandra


Everyone is polite and professional


During the period that I have been dealing with Graham and the team at Compass Financial Solutions I have found that all of my meetings have been made easy by there friendly personalities. Everyone is polite and professional, and always willing to provide answers to questions, no matter how complicated or minor the matter might seem

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Best advice for our needs


Compass Financial Solutions provided all the information we needed to make an informed decision to protect our family. I am confident that we have obtained the best advice for our needs

Jason & Amanda


Extremely beneficial and professional


My dealings with Graham MacIntyre and his various assistance over the last 8 years since I was widowed have been extremely beneficial and professional but with a feeling of ‘I’m talking to a friend.

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Explains financial matters in a way which I can understand


My financial advisor is very approachable at all times. He gives me confidence. He explains financial matters in a way which I can understand.



Extremely beneficial and professional


We were introduced to Kelly over 15 years ago, when my Wife Judy and I were starting to plan the next phase of our retired / fixed income lifestyle. We were immediately impressed with her astute understanding of what we wanted and would need in the future.

The result being very well-considered Financial Planning that has progressively served us very well. Throughout, Kelly has proven to be highly capable in this demanding area. Has always been available for consultation. And has provided comprehensive advice and guidance in a crucial planning period of our lives.
Her sound judgement has enabled us to incorporate any changes, and cope with any challenges we have encountered from time to time relative to our expenditure and budgeting.
In summary, Kelly’s professional approach and ability are, in our experience, of the highest level.

Peter and Judy
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Types of SMSF Investments

The Australian and International-Shares

Australian and International Shares

According to the ATO, listed shareds are the number one most popular asset class for SMSFs. Investing in quality companies is a great way to increase the value of your super fund and look after your retirement. Highly sought after shares are often blue chip stocks such as Wesfarmers, Macquarie, Commonwealth Bank, which are attractive due to their fully franked dividends that could potentially provide you with an impressive income stream or boost the return on your investment when these profits are returned as cash money.

With this approach, not only do you become part owner of firms but if they’re successful, it’s likely that there’ll be hefty rewards for you too.

Residential and Commercial Property

Did you know your self-managed super fund has the potential to expand beyond traditional investments? Everything from commercial and residential real estate can be included in its portfolio – just make sure to follow a few key rules. Residential property must come through an unrelated party, not one associated with any SMSF member or have been lived in by them; for business premises, rent needs to be paid at market rate each month. Lenders will usually approve borrowing up of 70 – 80% of the value if there is a company as trustee instead of individuals involved.

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Cash and term Deposit representation

Cash and Term Deposits

A term deposit can be a perfect way to boost your superannuation balance and secure a fixed rate of interest. Banks provide special offerings specifically tailored for self-managed funds, so any investor can take advantage of this low risk strategy. But don’t forget about high-interest savings accounts, as they allow you access to easily accessible liquid cash when it counts.


If you’re looking for an independent asset class to diversify your portfolio, commodities are a great option. A broad range of raw materials from agriculture and energy products to precious metals like gold and silver all fit the bill – plus they help protect against inflation when times get tough.

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SMSF and bonds


For those seeking more reliable investment options, government bonds are often see as a safe bet due to their very low risk of default.


Valuable artwork, jewellery, classic antiques, cars, collectable coins, memorabilia and wine all fit into this category. Since 2016 with more stringent restrictions put into place by regulators – investing wisely is vital when considering these items for your portfolio. Before adding any unique pieces of memorabilia or vintage wines to your SMSF asset; make sure you know all the rules inside out.

Watches as collectibles
SMSF Financial Advisor

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