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Aged care financial advice Compass Financial Solutions can work with you to meet your changing needs as you get older. These can range from assistance with daily tasks to nursing care while still residing in your own home (home care package funding) or alternatively in a residential aged care facility.

As we reach our elderly years, there may come a time when you need to consider the prospect of asking for help with regard to looking after ourselves. The support may come from family members and friends and through the delivery of aged care services by an aged care service provider.

Why do people need age care financial advice

Why do people need aged care financial advice?

As Australia’s population ages, aged care services become increasingly important – ranging from home support and respite care to residential aged care.  Families undertaking aged care can often face a range of difficult challenges as they try to balance medical, physical and emotional needs of a loved one.

Moreover, dealing with aged care is an incredibly complex area of financial planning, as aged care options can be varied and there are various government means tests and eligibility criteria that need to be adhered to.  Below are a few challenges to be considered when dealing with aged care:

Finding the right aged care service
Determining affordable yet comprehensive aged care coverage and managing the costs associated with aged care service delivery
Navigating the complex paperwork and legal requirements
Making sound financial decisions that benefits everyone
Emotional strain on family members providing aged care, particularly those who are juggling work and other commitments too

What benefits can I get when seeking out aged care financial advice?

Aged care is an extremely important service that many Australians rely on and it’s often a difficult process to navigate. Unfortunately, aged care costs can be expensive and challenging to manage but the right aged care financial advice can make all the difference in getting the most out of aged care services without breaking the bank.

Seeking professional financial advice will ensure you get expert guidance on aged care fees, costings and other measures that can ultimately save you money in the long run. It will also help to provide a roadmap for how best to manage elder care expenses so that you or your loved ones can still receive quality aged care services while staying within your budget.

Here at Compass Financial Solutions, we guarantee you will be supported throughout the process to ensure your confidence and peace of mind.

Reduced stress
Expert advice
Saves immense time and effort
You are informed on the legalities and other requirements relating to aged care
Better options and understanding of your aged care options and aged care funding methods
Get on top of your aged care needs
seniors discussing aged care financial advice

Where to start?

If you're just starting out on your aged care journey, it's likely you have many questions. From how everything works, to the kind of service, your eligibility, costs, and the logistics of organising the services, are some of the things to consider when planning for the services needed. Our team is here to help you understand every bit easily.

Make well informed decisions today. Get in touch with our aged care financial advisor.

Get the most out of your Pension

We can help you or your loved one explore and discover the possibility of increasing your Centrelink or Veterans Pension.

Impact of Aged Care

Get a better understanding of the effects on taxes, cash flow, pensions, and estate planning.

Minimise Care Cost Fees

We have plans to lower the cost of senior care. This is crucial in order to be able to cover the debts and safeguard the estate.

Payments for Aged Care Bonds

Exploration of options for paying the bond for senior housing (RAD)

Family Home Options

Analyse the pros and cons of renting versus selling your house.

Complete Forms

You will not need to complete pages of paperwork or wait on hold for hours because we can finish the Centrelink evaluation, review the results, and even become a nominee.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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We feel we are in good hands


You have this year given us a lot of help ( So far Gratus) and made us look at things we didnt really want to think about- like where to next and how do we set ourselves up for the future.Very importantly you have put Sandra who didnt know you at all, at ease very quickly . Your calm ,experience and professionalism shows through, and we feel we are in good hands.

Although the plan is implemented we haven't yet sold the rental house but it is on the market. Once that is sold as discussed we will make a time to meet you in the new year, to get you to roll out a blue print for us to follow over the next few years ( a payday for you at last).
Thanks again

Tony & Sandra


Everyone is polite and professional


During the period that I have been dealing with Graham and the team at Compass Financial Solutions I have found that all of my meetings have been made easy by there friendly personalities. Everyone is polite and professional, and always willing to provide answers to questions, no matter how complicated or minor the matter might seem

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Best advice for our needs


Compass Financial Solutions provided all the information we needed to make an informed decision to protect our family. I am confident that we have obtained the best advice for our needs

Jason & Amanda


Extremely beneficial and professional


My dealings with Graham MacIntyre and his various assistance over the last 8 years since I was widowed have been extremely beneficial and professional but with a feeling of ‘I’m talking to a friend.

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Explains financial matters in a way which I can understand


My financial advisor is very approachable at all times. He gives me confidence. He explains financial matters in a way which I can understand.



Extremely beneficial and professional


We were introduced to Kelly over 15 years ago, when my Wife Judy and I were starting to plan the next phase of our retired / fixed income lifestyle. We were immediately impressed with her astute understanding of what we wanted and would need in the future.

The result being very well-considered Financial Planning that has progressively served us very well. Throughout, Kelly has proven to be highly capable in this demanding area. Has always been available for consultation. And has provided comprehensive advice and guidance in a crucial planning period of our lives.
Her sound judgement has enabled us to incorporate any changes, and cope with any challenges we have encountered from time to time relative to our expenditure and budgeting.
In summary, Kelly’s professional approach and ability are, in our experience, of the highest level.

Peter and Judy
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What are the types of aged care services do I need to know?

It can be overwhelming for someone who’s starting out with an aged care journey to understand what it is all about and the processes involved. Knowing if you are eligible or not is as important as knowing what services are available for you.

To find out if you are eligible, the first step is to check if you meet the requirements for an assessment conducted by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) in your home.

aged care services for seniors

Elder Care at Home

This aims to help those who need a low level of support to keep living independently.

  • Nursing care
  • Personal care
  • Domestic assistance
  • Home maintenance
  • Home modification

Social support within the community

You can get assistance with a range of different services based on the Home Care Package you or your loved one will receive:

  • Transport
  • Social support
  • Home or community
  • Allied Health support services
  • Food services
Social support for aged care services
elder care services

Residential Aged Care

Making the decision to leave your own home and move into an elder care facility is never easy. However, with the right research and planning, it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. We will help you discover what Aged care homes can provide you with the care and services you need to maintain your quality of life.

  • Day-to-day tasks
  • Activities of daily living (personal care)
  • 24-hour nursing care
  •  Allied health support services

With careful planning and research, moving into an aged care home can be a positive experience that allows you to enjoy your retirement years.

Wanting to have the confidence that you have made an informed aged care decision?

When accessing aged care services, whether it is basic in-home support, a Home Care Package, or residential aged care, our team can provide you with an aged care financial advice that can guide you from the financial aspect of your needs down to the legal requirements you need to prepare.

Have a thorough grasp of the process. If you would like some support talking about your aged care alternatives, our team at Compass Financial Solutions can help.

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation initial consultation.

couple asking for aged care financial advice
compass financial solutions aged care financial advisor

We will be with you all throughout the process of understanding aged care services that's right for you.

At Compass Financial Solutions, your needs are our priority. We are here to help you through the process of understanding how we can best address them with aged care services that’s right for you.

No matter what stage in life’s journey you are at, we have a solution to help make it more manageable and comfortable with our wide range of services from the comfort of home or anywhere else your heart desires. We provide high quality care options tailored specifically around each individual’s needs so there isn’t anything holding you back from living fully.


Need help understanding the impacts on your age pension?

When moving into aged care it’s imperative to consider financial planning strategies and cash flow. There are a variety of fees associated with aged care and several different ways that you can structure your assets to minimise these fees. Not only that, but you should also be thinking about structuring your assets to maximise any social security benefits.

Everyone’s situation is different and is influenced by your level of assets, the value of properties, preferred aged care home, age, and marital status – to name a few.

Compass Financial Solutions can provide you with some of the aged care financial planning strategies that you need to know before you consider getting any aged care services.

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