Searching for the perfect home loan?

Why waste your valuable time searching for the perfect home loan? Allow Cameron Blair to do the research and find the most appropriate loan for you. Cameron will simplify the ever changing choices and credit policies in the home loan market so you be confident with your next property purchase.

Cameron fully understands that everyone's needs are different. Cameron will listen to your needs and work with you to assist with finding a home or investment loan that suits your individual requirements.

As Professional Mortgage Consultants, we aim to make the process of finding the right loan an easy and informed one, by providing you with more than enough information to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. By listening to your personal needs, we can recommend a loan facility that meets your long term goals.

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Do you need finance?

You may have already been frustrated with trying to find the right finance to meet your needs. It can be a daunting and confusing experience.

At Compass Financial Solutions, we concentrate on providing you with personal service to find the most appropriate funding for your needs. With a large network of lending institutions at our fingertips, we offer you choice and expert advice.

Why use a finance broker? Apart from choice and expert advice we save you time, money and the heartache that can be involved in finding the optimal solution.

Do you need to:

We are committed to helping you with your lending needs. Just one phone call can get you on your way to optimise your finance options.

Choosing the right type of funding and the right way to manage it can mean thousands of dollars to you. At Compass Financial Solutions we have an experienced mortgage consultant in Cameron Blair to assist in advising borrowers on making the most of their situation.

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Does your current home loan arrangement still meet your needs?


Let us give your home loan a free health check.

We all know that our biggest commitment is generally the "mortgage". Unfortunately, the thing that is often overlooked is that, over time, many things change and we don't have the time to make the most of our situation. We tend to keep an eye on interest rates, but lose sight of more important things like your current financial situation or goals.

You should take the time to ask yourself…

When we helped you establish your home loan, our job was to find you the most suitable home loan for you at the time. But we know that times do change.

If you would like a no obligation mortgage "checkup", please contact us on 07 5492 0300.

It only takes a few minutes, but you might be richer for the experience.

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Home Loans

It is vital that you organise your finances before making an offer on a property. Organising a Pre-Approval and making arrangements for the deposit money to be available, should you be successful are all parts of the service we offer. Being able make an offer and knowing you have the support of a bank can give you the confidence and advantage when negotiating the price.

This also applies for Auction purchases and, while you cannot buy 'subject to finance' at auction, you know that you already have the backing and support at the auction and you can bid with confidence.

Most people do not have enough money to buy a home without obtaining finance, usually in the form of a mortgage on the property. So to confirm "your capacity" through one bank can be easy, but through a dozen different banks is time consuming. Without any hassle our mortgage professional can quickly confirm which lenders can assist you with this finance.

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It is important to know all costs, in addition to the price of the property, for which you are liable.

A checklist of costs would include: -


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